Owner’s Manual


The EFireProof box is not a toy.
It is an industrial gauge fire & explosion containment box made of metal. While we take great care to deburr all edges, it still is metal and care should be used.

If a fire event happens or you are concerned about a device…
#1 – Remain calm.
#2 – Place device in box and make sure the lid is closed.
#3- Then get an oven mitt or dry towel and take the box outside
A bad lithium battery can remain dangerous for over 24 hours.
#4 – Immediately return and inspect for any sparks / embers that may
have escaped the box during an explosive event.
#4- Take pictures of your device and any damage. You may need
it for legal action / cost recovery.

#3 Battery fires / explosions can be violent.
Even though your new box is totally safe from fire and explosions, they still are violent events. So, it’s best to keep away from flammable materials.

How to use…

When charging any device, simply place it inside the box and close the lid.
When going to bed, charging or not, place phone in the box.
While the sound on your phone will be muted slightly, it is still quite audible.

When charging a phone or placing for overnight safety, you’ll probably want to use the finger bump.