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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                  February 26, 2017

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Cell Phone & E-Cig Fires: Lithium Batteries Have Met Their Match

February 26, 2017 Athens, GA. – Headlines over the past year have featured many stories of burning and exploding cell phones, e-cigarettes, and laptops.  However until now there really has not been a good solution for consumers to protect themselves.  The manufacturers of a new home safety box have finally developed a solution, EFireProof ™.

While most lithium batteries seem safe, by their nature and make up, they can be quite dangerous. When lithium batteries fail they enter a phase called ‘thermal runaway’.  This means that the lithium inside keeps reacting upon itself causing the fire and gas event to grow quickly, but also long term.  When you incase or enclose this event inside a container like a cellphone, e-cig, or laptop, you have basically created a pipe-bomb. The heat and gas pressure builds and can explode with deadly results.

Until now there have been some “fire resistant” bags and boxes sold, but most do not protect against the extreme explosive force that can occur.  Also, they are not attractive and cumbersome, usually leading to them to be put away in a cabinet or drawer, therefore really never being used. Doc, the inventor of EFireProof™ addressed these issues.

“The challenge was to make something small, attractive, and easy to use that would contain a 1000 – 2000 degree fire for 30 minutes. It also needed to contain a sizable explosion event and offer fire containment after that event.  It was kind of like designing a piece of designer furniture for the bomb squad. In the end, there’s nothing comparable on the market and it far exceeds my desired results in testing.”

One of the key elements of the EFireProof™ patented designs, is the way that the lid of the box is attached and functions during an explosive event. Not only does the top raise up and allow gases to escape, but during a high-power explosion the under hooks are forced inward grabbing even tighter.

According to EFireProof, new advances  in the lithium battery industry such as adding fire proofing chemicals are a like putting a cheap band aide on a compound fracture. “They will do little, to nothing, when you add in the explosive nature of these events.  The thermal runaway event is very fast, much like gun powder, and often the surrounding battery case is heavily damaged. Adding a little chemical layer to a lithium battery and calling it a solution is not very smart. You can put all the chemical layers you want around a grenade, but that doesn’t make it less dangerous.”

The new patent pending box functionality was designed around the way people really use their cell phones and e-cigs.  Often these items are plugged in to charge overnight or when people are leaving their homes.  The box is easy to access and remains on the counter or bedside table so there’s nothing to “get out” or nothing extra to do.  It’s always there and ready because a key point is that it must be used to actually work.

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