Product Info / Specs

Explosion Proof and Fireproof to 2000°

How does it work?

We’re NOT trying to scare you. Lithium batteries are fairly safe. However, most are now made overseas and there is no way to tell who made the battery without doing extensive research. When Lithium batteries fail, they often go into a mode call “thermal runaway”.  This causes extreme heat and gases which then can cause a device to rupture / explode. After this rupture there is usually a longer buring fire event with temps that can reach 1000 degrees.

The EFIREPROOF ™ box is design to allow explosive gasses to escape by the lid lifting up and venting. Then the lid returns down to contain the flames and sparks.

lithium battery fire box


How is it made?

Many of the testing videos were done with 18 gauge stainless steel. These boxes passed with FLYING colors. However, we decided to go WAY above and beyond this level and now use 16 gauge. (heavier / thicker)  It TRULY is an industrial level containment system.

Every box is handmade in the USA and hand welded.

Will my phone or e-cig fit?

Currently the largest cell phones on the market are 78 mm or 3.07″ wide. The box will hold all of these including a standard case. If you have a LARGE case, measure the outside dimensions to insure fit. Same with e-cigs, measure before you order.

lithium battery fireproof